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Olga Yakovleva yakovleva.o.v at
Sun Jul 26 18:00:36 BST 2009

 >> Hello ANGELO,
By interactive shell I mean the mode in which Festival runs when you 
start it in the terminal without any special command line arguments. In 
this mode you can interact with it typing commands. If you need to test 
a voice, you can start Festival, switch to the voice and check if it's 
working. To switch to the voice you should type:
For example,
If there is a problem with the voice, Festival will show an error 
message; if everything is alright, it will output the name of the voice.


26.07.2009 20:25, Angelo D. Marra пишет:
> I just typed what you suggested.... and, in the terminal, it spoke
> english---- what is that interactive shell?
> Il giorno dom, 26/07/2009 alle 20.03 +0400, Olga Yakovleva ha scritto:
>> Hello ANGELO,
>> If the voices you are trying to use with Orca are realy working in
>> Festival, then there should be no problems with them in Orca. I've just
>> tested nitech hts voices with Orca and they are working for me. Have you
>> tested those voices in Festival's interactive shell?
>> Olga
>> 26.07.2009 16:54, Angelo D. Marra пишет:
>>> Dear Olga,
>>> an update: I tried the commands from teminal: it works. :--)
>>> ORCA does not, it plays only the original festival voices.... why?
>>> I can see all the voices in orca. but not all of them work.....
>>> BTW  i need a front end for festival able to play, pause, chsange speed
>>> and locus in text, more then orca.
>>> I need it to open TXT RTF PDF and DOC or ODT. files
>>> Any idea?
>>> Thanks very much.
>>> Il giorno dom, 26/07/2009 alle 12.38 +0400, Olga Yakovleva ha scritto:
>>>> Hello Angelo,
>>>> Sorry for first sending it as a private message, I'm sending it again to
>>>> the list.
>>>> That instruction seems to be correct. I don't think that there is any
>>>> new information I could give you. You have said that other Festival
>>>> voices are working for you, so I assume that there are no problems with
>>>> audio output.
>>>> Let's consider one of the nitech voices (awb) as an example.
>>>> You have not described the steps you have tried and the actual results
>>>> you have got (maybe there were any error messages), so I will describe
>>>> the whole procedure.
>>>> After downloading the voice unpack the archive:
>>>> tar xvf festvox_nitech_us_awb_arctic_hts-2.1.tar.bz2
>>>> This should create the lib subdirectory in the current directory.
>>>> Then you need to copy the files to the place where Festival expects to
>>>> find voices.
>>>> cd lib/
>>>> sudo cp hts.scm  /usr/share/festival/
>>>> sudo mkdir /usr/share/festival/voices/us
>>>> sudo cp -R voices/us/nitech_us_awb_arctic_hts/
>>>> /usr/share/festival/voices/us/
>>>> Then run Festival to check the installation. This will start its
>>>> interactive shell. You can see the list of all available voices using
>>>> the following command:
>>>> (voice.list)
>>>> Is the voice you are installing present in this list? If it is, then you
>>>> can switch to it:
>>>> (voice_nitech_us_awb_arctic_hts)
>>>> Then try to synthesize some text:
>>>> (SayText "hello")
>>>> You may type (quit) to exit the shell.
>>>> Sorry, I'm just repeating what has already been written in that
>>>> article,but if you get any errors during the process, please describe
>>>> those errors.
>>>> Olga
>>>> 26.07.2009 02:04, Angelo D. Marra пишет:
>>>>> Il giorno sab, 25/07/2009 alle 18.26 +0400, Olga Yakovleva ha scritto:
>>>>>> Hello Angelo,
>>>>>> I would like to help you, but there is not enough information in your
>>>>>> message, so I don't know what could be the problem. I'm also using
>>>>>> Festival on Ubuntu 9.04. You have asked only about hts voices. Do you
>>>>>> mean that other Festival voices work, but hts voices don't?
>>>>> yes this is the case
>>>>> i'm on a MSI 90U netbook.
>>>>> Originally there was winxp
>>>>> but as far as i know, netbook were made to work with linux.
>>>>> I do not know is it is using ALSA PULSEAUDIO or OSS, sorry.
>>>>> I perform update daily.
>>>>>> Olga
>>>>>> 25.07.2009 16:25, Angelo D. Marra пишет:
>>>>>>> can some one help me in istalling hts voices for festival?
>>>>>>> i tried
>>>>>>> no results
>>>>>>> i'm on ubuntu 9.04
>>>>>>> thanks
>>>>>>> Angelo

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