problems after installing karmic

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmiel at
Sat Jul 25 09:16:04 BST 2009

Dear users,

    I have tried The procedure, which can guarantee You, that YOu will be 
able to boot to Windows Xp if YOu will remove Linux operating system 
according to my directions.

    If You will not be able to boot to Windows XP, You are having two 
1. Remove partitions, which are used by Ubuntu Karmic, I Am strongly 
recommending You to rather use stable live CD for removing and modifiing The 
partitions, because kernel of development releases can be unstable. Use 
gparted only in Live CD mode while YOu will boot from this live CD.

Or You would try to manually edit Grub configuration file and specifi to 
boot WIndows XP. try to please a sighted person, if there is item for 
starting Windows XP. If no, installation program for Karmic did not add The 
Grub configuration for starting Windows XP. Try to look at The partitions, 
if You did not removed NTFS partition.

So how to remove Linux safely and how to recover Windows SXP to be bootable 

Boot from a stable Ubuntu live CD, I Am strongly recommending You to boot 
from Ubuntu Jaunty official release.

Use gparted to remove Linux based partitions. Before removing Linux svap, 
disable it by using F10 function key and right arrow key to get to The 
partition sub menu. And press down arrow key until YOu will hear svap off.

This will disable svap file. Because Linux kernel will probably use Your 
svap file eventhough You will boot from A live CD. Linux kernel is loving 
The svap file very much, and if it will see this partition, kernel will 
start to use it.

When You will have svap file off, You can remove Linux svap, and extended 
partition. You can also remove EXT4 partition if You will experiment with 
Ubuntu Karmic, EXT3 file system will be used while using older Ubuntu 

When you will have removed all Linux partitions, restart Your computer with 
Ubuntu live CD on YOur CD boot drive. Start gparted again and when cursor 
will be on a NTFS partition, explore The Gparted menus to find The flags sub 
menu. Enable The boot flag in The dialog box. Your NTFS partition must be 
bootable, so The boot flag must be turned on.

Apply the changes and restart Your computer without Ubuntu live CD. I found 
out, that by using boot flag, The boot sector will be working fine and Your 
WIndows XP will very probably start fine without problems.

There is also other procedure, so user have to use The console and before 
triing to install other operating system, user can backup several sectors of 
his hard drive to The floppy drive or to The USB disk. I can explain both 
procedures for this. I Am not author of those procedures. One professional 
from GRML E-mail conference described this procedure for backing up sectors 
to USE or to A floppy drive. I will try to send A direct link to his 
article, eventhough The whole article is focused on installing GRML, The 
procedure for backing up and restoring from this backup is included.

I tried The procedure for recovering Windows XP to The boot state after 
removing Linux distro. I tried this procedure for Opensuse, but i think, 
that boot flags will be working fine, because i used Gparted from Ubuntu to 
set The NTFS boot flag TO The on state.

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