No speech with Orca after trying to install USB Wi-Fi device

Peter Torpey ptorpey at
Fri Jul 24 21:09:17 BST 2009

I am running Ubuntu 9.04 with Orca and brltty.


Everything was running fine until I tried to see if I could get a NetGear
WG111 USB Wi-Fi device to work.


I got into the Hardware settings and, after the program searched around for
a bit, it said it couldn't find a driver.  Of course, this screen came up
with no speech (since it needed administrative privledges and I guess Orca
doesn't work under that circumstance).  I had some sighted help there, so I
don't quite know the exact error I received.


Anyway, I never did get the WG111 USB Wi-Fi device to work, but now, even
without the device plugged into the USB port and several reboots later, I am
not getting any speech out of Orca.  Thankfully, braille is still working
fine so I can navigate somewhat.


To fix the problem, I got into the Gnome-Alsa settings program.  It looked
like, somehow, all of my volume settings had been set to 0% and mute had
been checked for all of my audio output devices.  I fixed this, but I'm
still not getting any speech.


What could have gone wrong here just trying to install the USB Wi-Fi device?
Why did that crash Orca speech and how can I fix this?


On a side note, how do I get a USB Wi-Fi device to work with Ubuntu?  Do I
need to use the diswrapper program and will that work?


Thanks for any help or suggestions.




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