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Angelo Marra angelo.marra at
Thu Jul 2 15:22:07 BST 2009

What prevents me to cmigrete to linux is
1 I need to dictate
2 I need Text to speech as SAPI
3 I have a wonderful scanner (plusteck opticbook 3600  which is not 
supported  but it is amazing  in results for scanning books.

I tried to use KDE TTS but it is very non-friendly.
I use Dspeech in win: ( I'd love to 
heve such a software for linux

on the idea of programming by voice: fantastic! I'd love to do that.
some years ago, while looking for open hardware, I found a project on 
programming in natural   ways  or languages...
I cannot find it any more.
I have a disability and I study accessibility and inclusive policies, 
I've a lot of hints if needed.
unfortunately, I'm unable to put hands-on-it as I'd never programmed 
more then macros in word an a bit of basic.


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