Vinux - The New Name for Vibuntu!

Anthony Sales tony.sales at
Sun Jan 18 16:46:48 GMT 2009

I am happy to announce that we have now rebranded Vibuntu as Vinux after
discussion with Canonical about the use of the 'buntu' suffix. They were
happy to let us call it the Ubuntu VI Remix but we decided to go with Vinux
which now recursively stands for Vinux Is Not Ubuntu but gnu/Linux! We have
been busy creating a new website, mailing list and development blog and hope
to have a new release out soon - Vinux 1.3! The URL's are:

Development Forum/Mailing List:
Development Blog:

There are already threads created on the forum/mailing list for bugs reports,
suggestions, help and advice and user profiles, but you are free to start new
threads on different topics if appropriate. We do not expect there to be very
high traffic initially and we will still post significant new release
annoucements on other related mailing lists. The development team currently
consists of myself, Tony Sales (aka drbongo) as the main developer and
Osvaldo La Rosa (aka ald0) who is responsible for web administration etc. We
would of course welcome support from people who would like to contribute to
the project in any way at all. I will be posting a list of small modular
tasks which people might like to take on board as needs arise. Ideally I
would like to have a core development team of 3 to 6 individuals, with
specific responsibilities and a looser collection of individuals who would
contribute on an adhoc basis when required. 

The project is still very much in its infancy and there is plenty of scope
for evolution...

Hope to hear from you soon, drbongo and ald0.

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