Grub2 beep, have an useful solution

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Last time I tired inserting a bell character in the grub configuration, it didn't work. I think you have to modify the grub2 binary to make it work.

Here is an old thread on grub2 accessibiity:beeps few years ago.  I don't think the feature of beeps is implemented yet.



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> Hy List,
> I would like insert one beep character with grub2 first menu item 
> (Ctrl+g character, the bell character).
> This is not problem, but if the grub2 menus present my display, the 
> speaker does'nt play a beep noise. Prewious grub boot manager this is 
> works absolute fine.
> Or this audio help impossible doing with grub2?
> This is useful me my notebook, because difficult hear when present the 
> grub2 boot menu with my display.
> Attila
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