Accessibility bugs in Lucid have been tracked down

Bill Cox waywardgeek at
Wed Dec 23 02:59:26 GMT 2009

I'm very happy to say that I don't know of any major bugs in Lucid at
the moment related to accessibility that haven't been tracked down.
Of course, there are still some there... I cheat and use the mouse all
the time, I haven't checked Braille, or done an install by voice.
Also, some of the bugs have known fixes, but haven't been included
yet, like the patch to speakup-source and a minor environment variable
related bug in using sudo to launch accessible gnome apps like
synaptic.  However, performance issues have been fixed, as have
several goobers that kept the system from working properly.  The
biggest problem on my laptop at the moment is the stupid proprietary
ATI drivers don't work (again).

I'm very excited about Lucid at this point.  I think it's going to be
the best Ubuntu release ever for accessibility.  If anyone runs into
significant accessibility bugs, let me know.  I'll see if I can find
some time to help track them down.


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