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Willie Walker William.Walker at Sun.COM
Wed Dec 16 20:07:40 GMT 2009

No problem Pia - thanks for the explanation.

I'm curious if speech-dispatcher may be of interest to you.  Since 
you're talking about putting things in the kernel, however, I suspect it 
might be too user level for you.  The reason I ask, however, is that 
we're trying to supplant gnome-speech with speech-dispatcher and we can 
use help shoring up the code.


Pia wrote:
> Hi again Willie,  I just wanted to mention that I would not mind checking 
> out Orca and the Gnome accessibility project either.  I greatly appreciate 
> the work you and Sun have done on it.  Your work is a great asset to the 
> blind community.  I just wanted to clarify this because my last email 
> sounded frustrated, but that frustration is at Ubuntu and certainly not 
> Gnome or Orca.  Your team has been able to do so much more than anyone 
> else has ever done for the blind user on the Linux desktop and I thank 
> you!  I will need to install a different distro however, if I want to help 
> out your project, because the pulse audio in Ubuntu miserably breaks 
> accessibility in Gnome.
> Warm Regards,
> Pia
> On Tue, 15 Dec 2009, Willie Walker wrote:
>> Hi Pia:
>> Do you want to work on Ubuntu specifically or GNOME?  If you want to work on 
>> GNOME, please feel free to join 
>> Help is greatly needed and would be greatly appreciated.
>> Will
>> GNOME a11y lead
>> On Dec 13, 2009, at 1:22 PM, Pia wrote:
>>> I read the description of this list and it appeared to be a mailing list
>>> for the accessibility development team, but some questions made me think
>>> it looked more like a users list.  Will someone straighten me out?  I am
>>> looking for the development list because I would like to help if it is
>>> wanted, to get a speakup binary package made for Ubuntu.  Some of us use
>>> the server and so don't care about a GUI and would like to see that "just
>>> work" too.  I would be willing to contribute to making that happen if
>>> there is a chance to do so, but no one has answered me.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Pia
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