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Pia pmikeal at
Tue Dec 15 19:21:10 GMT 2009

Greetings Willie,

 	Actually, my problem is I want non-graphical servers to be able to 
talk too.  There is currently a speakup patch to do that in the Ubuntu 
repository called speakup-source speakup-tools speakup-doc and espeakup 
The only problem is that no one has taken the time to patch the kernel 
with that patch and make sure it runs.  It is in the repository, but takes 
hacking by the end user / sys admin to get it to work.  What I would like 
is to help or to have the developers make a speakup kernel.  Seeing as how 
it is already part of Ubuntu, I don't see why this would be so difficult. 
Not everyone who is blind uses the GUI and to tell you the truth, the 
command line talks way better than Gnome ever has with Orca.  So, what I 
would like to see and am saying I would like to help with if needed, is to 
get a binary package of a speakup enabled kernel added to Ubuntu.  Since 
the source patch is already part of the distro, I do not understand why 
the accessibility development team has not already done this.  Many blind 
people, myself included, have chosen careers in system administration 
because it is something we can do well.  Sys Admins certainly do not want 
Gnome or any GUI on their mission critical server.  So, this would be a 
great service to the blind community.

Thanks and Kind Regards,


On Tue, 15 Dec 2009, Willie Walker wrote:

> Hi Pia:
> Do you want to work on Ubuntu specifically or GNOME?  If you want to work on 
> GNOME, please feel free to join 
> Help is greatly needed and would be greatly appreciated.
> Will
> GNOME a11y lead
> On Dec 13, 2009, at 1:22 PM, Pia wrote:
>> I read the description of this list and it appeared to be a mailing list
>> for the accessibility development team, but some questions made me think
>> it looked more like a users list.  Will someone straighten me out?  I am
>> looking for the development list because I would like to help if it is
>> wanted, to get a speakup binary package made for Ubuntu.  Some of us use
>> the server and so don't care about a GUI and would like to see that "just
>> work" too.  I would be willing to contribute to making that happen if
>> there is a chance to do so, but no one has answered me.
>> Thanks,
>> Pia
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