Karmic Praise

Thomas Lloyd thomaslloyd at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 12 23:52:00 GMT 2009

I want to befend karmic as not being so horrible and useless as everyone
likes to make out.

In my opinion pulse audio has been a great addition to Ubuntu. 

For my project open-sapi now out performs e-speak making for a smooth
and responsive desktop experience when using text to speech with orca.

I want to say thanks to Luke and Canonical for all their hard work and
as the whole world does they have a tight time scale and not enough man
power to do everything. They are learning as they go along and other
projects are following in their wake as they push the boundaries each
time they make a release.

Accessibility projects as renowned for being on the back foot and again
that is much the case here. Once the adoption of pulse audio is made
then the assistive technology projects will follow.


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