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Josh jkenn337 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 02:15:07 GMT 2009


I've set up a Ubuntu 9.10 virtual machine on my netbook. First I have no way of telling when the boot screen comes up so I can choose accessibility. So anyway it logs in, I hit alt f2 type orca,  hit enter and set it up. then it asks me to log out I hit y and enter. it logs out. now I'm stuck. after a while I hear three quick drum beats. now what do I type? better yet can a beep be added so I know when I'm at the boot screen? and do I type username hit enter or password, enter, or do I hit tab to move to the next edit field? I wish Ubuntu talked from the beginning like the apple computers talk from startup almost. I'm glad also I'm running in a virtual machine that way my host OS is still fine. 


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