partition editor, suse and orca?

J. T. Laurie j.t.laurie at
Tue Apr 21 00:54:18 BST 2009

    hello all,
I have recently noticed that my copy of SUSE that is installed as a duel-boot with win xp pro refuses to boot now. I popped in my Ubuntu 8.04 live cd and took a look around. I could not delete the suse partitions, because every time I tried it said I didn't have the proper permissions.
I should clarify that I attempted to simply remvoe the files from the partitions. I then attempted to enter partition manager with orca running, and orca immediately stopped speaking. Is there something I'm missing, or something i can do to make ORCA work with the partition editor?
Thanks in advance, and I apologise if this is a newbie question.
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