Impossible choosing automatic login radiobutton item

Hammer Attila hammera at
Fri Apr 17 07:35:03 BST 2009

Dear List!

I see a little bug with Ubiquity installer. When I going step 5 dialog
(what's your name, what username would like to use etc), impossible
choose the automatic login radiobutton item (2009. 04. 14 daily live cd).
When I try press one down arrow with the radiobutton group, Orca talking
correct the second option.
After this when I press one down arrow, the cursor jumping the computer
name edit box. Only the flatreview help this situation, but if I try
clicking the automatic login radiobutton, this item was not checked.
When I press one up arrow key when the first default item is selected,
the cursor jumps the computer name editbox.
Possible solving this problem with final release?


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