Pulseaudio problem

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Thu Apr 16 17:32:06 BST 2009

Mike, please download current daily live cd with following url if you
does'nt the latest cd used:

If your machine is not a 64 bit architecture, enough the i386 daily cd.
When you run the installer, the step 5 dialog contains the problem radio
button group:
Require a password to login (this works correct the old dayly cd),
automatic login (this is works correct old daily live cd's), require a
password to login and encript home folder (this is the new option, this
option produce the problem now my machine).
The radiobutton group found after the computer name edit box.
I hope remember correct the options english descriptions (I translated
hungarian the debian-installer in Launchpad in two or three week ago).

Tomorrow morning I looking the default install with no home directory


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