here is a work around for adman apps in 9.04

mike kb8aey at
Wed Apr 8 21:14:55 BST 2009

Hi, as you probably know the admin apps are now accessible in the user account in 9.04 if you do some playing to get them to load and speak with Orca.
I tried something else today and thought I would share this since it seems to work.
   First run a app like computer janitor. You will be asked for your password, but don't enter it yet. Before you type your password, quit Orca. Now enter your password and press enter. Give the app a few seconds to load then start Orca.
   I found after doing this the apps were accessible. Luke, would there be a way to get Orca to exit when running a admin app and restart after the password was entered and the app loads?
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