here are three things I found after installing ubuntu that need looking in to

Francisco Javier Dorado Martinez (tiflolinux) javier at
Thu Apr 2 10:43:35 BST 2009

Hi to all

The problem with password causing Orca to doesn't respond is the
gksu/gksudo utilities they are killers :-)

I usually kill them after entering my password and everything goes well.
Although I know that kiling this I am in security problem, but I prefer
this more than don't access to apps. So I have created a short bash
script that simply killall gksu and gksudo
and attached it to a keybinding.
enter a password for gksu after pressing enter key I press my shortcut
key and no problem with a11y and at's.

I don't know exactly what is the problem, why gksu and gksudo apps are
blocking assistive technologies, I think that is related to keyboard
grab, or IPC techniques but something might be done in gksu to avoid

Regards and go on on Ubuntu a11y, every six months it rocks more, thanks


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