persistent brltty question at boot time while brltty already configured

Labrador labrad0r at
Wed Sep 3 22:09:30 BST 2008


I just resolved a problem that happened during the installation of Ubuntu
Hardy from a fresh 8.04.1 CD:
the brltty.conf wasn't correct: the USB Alva SAtellite I use was not

Finally after discussing this point at the Brltty list, it seems that we
must enter "usb:" without capital letters nor quotes in the /etc/brltty.conf

Now it workx again, but Ubuntu is persistently asking at eacht boot time for
which kind of display I'm using, and pointing me for answering S for serial,
U for USB, B for Bluetooth or X for exit.

I'd like to resolve asap this stupid problem, since my display is finally
detected and started as needed: how does I remove that persistent question
screen ?
it's very not blind friendly because at that moment you can't ready

BTW it would be nie to fix definitely all brltty related problems present in
the Ubuntu installer or at boot time, this is an inferno and I still
encountered problems with Gutsy.

I encourage you, fix them all definitely!
many thanx


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