Problem with Orca

aerospace1028 at aerospace1028 at
Wed Oct 29 12:55:46 GMT 2008

hello Alain,

>My problem :
>In general, I cannot access to the different gnome desktop utilities because, when the software is launched and when the window is opened, orca doesn't
>to speak any more.
>For example : the window connexion (menu System/Administration/window connexion)
>Orca speaks and I can choose a menu. Then, when the window is open, Orca no longer speaks. When I close the window with "ctrl-F4, Orca speaks again.

It sounds like you have not modified orca to run administrative tasks.  Someone more knowledgeable than I should probably explain about system administration in Gnu/Linux+Ubuntu, but the instructions that might address your problem may be found on the orca wiki (

I hope this helps.  If this doesn't work, or you have trouble with the instructions, please let the list know, and we should be able to provide more assistance.

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