I found a bug this evening

mike kb8aey at verizon.net
Tue Oct 21 05:53:26 BST 2008

Hi, after getting updates in intrepid this evening I had the following problem.
Everything works fine unless you log out of your account. I used the CTRL backspace and alt keys to kill gnome.
After logging back in I get no speech. If I use another account I have the same problem. I do get the drum. But after entering the name and password all sound is gone including the log in sound.
Restarting the computer corrected this problem, but I tried logging out and in again and had the same problem.
I am mentioning this incase it isn't known. This was not happening after I got updates this morning.
Mike. By the way. I have to run it from the root account. But that system cleaner that was added is really nice.

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