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Storm Dragon stormdragon2976 at
Tue Oct 7 19:31:01 BST 2008

Sorry about the previous lack of instructions for getting everything set
up.  I am going to try and attach the file this time.  I wasn't sure
that the list's mail handler would allow attachments.  The file goes in
your ~/.orca directory.  Here are the key presses in the newest script.
orca-d speak and/or Braille the date
orca-t speak and/or Braille the time
orca-w speak and/or Braille the current temperature and conditions.
The time and date are also placed into the clipboard so they can be
pasted with a simple press of ctrl-v
A note about the weather.  I wanted to get the weather from the top
panel.  In Ubuntu, it is shown with the clock.  I couldn't find the
information I needed to access this though, so I wrote a script to get
the info from Yahoo's weather services.  I got to thinking that this may
be the best way to do things after all, because I am not sure that all
distros have the weather posted with the clock, and even if they do,
they may not all use the same program to do it.  The only drawback is,
if you press the orca-w keys to get the weather and are not connected to
the internet there is a bit of significant lag while the script attempts
to get the info.  IF you do have internet connectivity though, it's
nearly instantly displayed.  Ok, here's the script, let me know if you
need any help with it, if there's something that can be done to improve
it, etc.

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