ubuntu 8.10 textinstaller and braille

Simon Bienlein s.bienlein at gmx.de
Tue Nov 18 18:52:58 GMT 2008

Hi Tony,

the alternate install CD can be worked with a braille display. When you 
boot the CD, a list with all available languages will appear first. 
Here, you press the enter-key if you want to use the English language. 
Then, press F6. A line with boot parameters will appear. Here, enter 
your desired brltty parameter (e.g. brltty=ht,ttyS0,de) and confirm with 
the enter key. The installer will be started.

After the installation, BrlTTY is not automatically started as in the 
file /etc/default/brltty the parameter RUN_BRLTTY is set on "no". Can 
this problem be fixed by developers or do I have to register with 
launchpad to submit a bug?



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