Automatically start mouse/keyboard if other is not present

Bryan Quigley gquigs at
Thu Nov 13 01:43:08 GMT 2008

I have a feature that I have done work on that I would like to be included
in Intrepid.
I previously got input on how to make it work on the ubuntu-x mailing list (
Thanks to them, it now does work.

To implement the MouseKeys (virtual mouse) part of this feature I need to
include xkbset in Ubuntu, which unfortunately brings up the fact that we
currently don't have any GUI way to turn on MouseKeys in the default Ubuntu

This is fine for my feature with main inclusion of xkbset (which I need to
make a bug for), however I don't like having hidden functionality like

My questions are:
Does anyone want to take the part of adding MouseKeys support to the already
including mouse accessibility dialoug?
Is there a general planed accessibility blueprint for Jaunty that I should
add this to, or make my own?

Thank You,
Bryan Quigley
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