Cleaning up partitionmess on dual boot system

ANN tate886 at
Mon May 26 12:26:43 BST 2008

Hi folks,

I recently tried to install the latest Ubuntu Linux on an external hard 
drive. It was kind of a disaster at first, so I ended up putting it on 
my internal drive, instead. I have a dual boot system with XP Home also 
on that 80 GB drive. My big complaint is that, when I chose the Resize 
option to install the Ubuntu partition along side my Windows one, the 
Ubuntu side literally took up almost all my free space for its 
partition, more then 35 GB of space. I don't have enough left now for my 
XP to run comfortably.

Is there an accessible tool that I can use, with the orca screen reader, 
to safely and nondestructively resize my Window partition to get a good 
chunk of the space taken by the Ubuntu partition? Or, resize the Ubuntu 
partition and make it smaller then extend the Windows partition? I don't 
need a Ubuntu partition nearly that large.



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