Possible workaround for Speech-Dispatcher problem in Hardy

Storm Dragon stormdragon2976 at gmail.com
Sat May 17 06:00:07 BST 2008

I got speech-dispatcher working on my system. I am still a bit new, so
take this advice with a grain of caution. When trying to start
speech-dispatcher with the -d or -s switch, I kept getting an error
about it having the wrong permission to create the pid file
in /var/run/speech-dispatcher. Upon checking /var/run, I noticed that
there is no folder called speech-dispatcher there. So, I created it but
still had the same problem with the permissions. I had to use sudo in
order to create the folder. So, I changed the permissions to 777, yes, I
know you should only give 777 in rare cases, but I was just testing. I
started speech-dispatcher with the -s option first and got some errors,
but it did seem to start ok except it froze while waiting for client...?
I think. So, on the second attempt I used -d to run it as a daemon. It
worked. spd-say hello produced the expected output. So, for the brave
hearted, here are the instructions to do what I did. If you know of a
more secure way to do this, please let everyone know
Open terminal.
cd /var/run
sudo mkdir speech-dispatcher
sudo chmod 777 speech-dispatcher
speech-dispatcher -d
spd-say hello
That should do it. Oh, for some reason, things like / or @ have an echo
to them. Using the espeak US english voice.
Hope this helps someone

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