speech dies in orca

Tony Bernedal sm5xgp at bernedal.net
Tue May 13 16:33:02 BST 2008

Hi all.
I have now upgraded my old desktop machine fråm ubuntu 7.10 to 8.04. I'm 
very happy with the system so far.
One thing I notice is that speech dies suddenly in orca. My braille display 
works so I can go to orca preferences and take OK button and then speech is 
back again.
I tried to start music player when speech was gone and the music plays fine 
so the soundcard is OK.
I use e speak swedish and english with gnome-speech
Any ideas what can caus this to happen. No problem with speech on ubuntu 
The soundcard is soundblaster live.
BTW the speech works perfect on my laptop with ubuntu 8.04 so there is 
something on this system. This one is upgraded, the laptop is fresch 
installed from CD.
Regards Tony

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