Making synthetic speech more responsive & setting up dial up internet

Tony Bernedal sm5xgp at
Fri May 9 06:05:19 BST 2008

Hi all.
I tried to use festival speech with orca. First I can't seem to get the CMU 
voices to be found in orca preferenses. Only kal show up there. another 
problem is that when I use festival speech don't work if I for example 
playing music with rythmbox, but if I close rythmbox the speech is back. It 
works both with speech and music if i use espeak.
I use ubuntu 8.04 on a hp nx7400 laptop.
Any ideas?
Regards Tony
(new to linux/ubuntu and loving it)
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> Hi folks,
> First of all, let me say that, while I was once quite proficient at
> command line Unix, and some command line flavors of Linux as well, the
> insidious Microsoft has completely ruined my command line knowledge over
> the last few  years. So, I guess I'm back to square one, if using any
> command line utilities are required here, and I am afraid that will be
> the case. I'm good at following instructions, though.
> My computer is a 3 GHZ processor, with 768 MB of PC3200 DDR Ram, around
> 400 GB of hard drive space, and has Windows XP Home. Now, I recently
> got, and was able to install, the latest version of Ubuntu using the
> "Install Inside of Windows" feature. The install was quite seamless, and
> I am very impressed with it. I now have a dual boot system with Ubuntu
> and my Windows XP still very much intact, and I didn't need to have an
> anxiety attack to get it that way. LOL!.
> I am having a couple of problems, however. The main one right now is
> that my speech with Orca is very very sluggish at times, sometimes
> taking anywhere from a second or even more from the time I press a key
> to the time I hear any kind of feedback. I"m using, what I think, is
> Gnome speech and Espeak,which I believe comes set up standard with Orca.
> What can do to make this  more responsive? Would the fact that I used
> the Install Inside of Windows feature to set up my Ubuntu system have
> anything at all to do with this problem?
> And, if I can get a good handle on that issue, my second biggest problem
> is that I stil have dial up internet, with no broadband at all in my
> immediate future. And, Ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize dial up modems?
> What would be the easiest way to fix this issue? I suppose if any
> downloading is necessary, I can do that while logged in to the XP side
> of my dual boot, but for now, that pretty much eliminates using any kind
> of automatic download/updating ability or tools directly through Ubumtu..
> Any instructions or pointers to any good documentation, especially if
> the documentation is aimed towards Linux/Ubuntu beginners, would be very
> much appreciated here.
> Thanks.
> ~Ann
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