"space" keyname is not marked for translation

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Wed Mar 19 08:56:01 GMT 2008

Dear Luke and Everybody!

In trunk and gnome-2-22 branch version of orca, fixed this bug:

The short story this bug:
if I pressed space key my keyboard, Orca sayed "space" word, not the 
correct hungarian word "szóköz".
The problem is:
The keynames.py file not defined the space keyname.
This bug is fixed with Willie Valker.

Possible apply this bug fix with ubuntu hardy final release with Orca?

I am sent my hungarian gnome translation coordinator with new 2.22 
regenerated hu.po file with intltool-update hu command.
This not result a new string with translation, only add the 
./src/orca/keynames.py:105 with space translation.



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