update manager

mike coulombe kb8aey at verizon.net
Sun Mar 16 23:37:45 GMT 2008

Hi, I haven't heard this mentioned so here is what I have noticed as of two days ago.
   for a long time now the update manager has worked pretty good with orca from the users account. While you lost speech between the time the updates start downloading to the time the finished results are turned over to the update manager. It worked pretty good.
However, I notice that two days ago after getting updates. After you press the check for updates button, it asks for your password and then you loose speech completely. Even after the update list is loaded, you are not able to choose using orca because it no longer speaks.
Just thought I would list my experience incase others are noticing the same thing. I use the terminal to get updates quite often, and that still works fine. But the update manager was also nice because you could pick the updates you want to install.
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