failure installing orca from sources,

Mohammed Al-shar' mohammed at
Thu Mar 13 09:02:44 GMT 2008

dear list,

I have attempted to install orca from sources on my ubuntu gutsy machine  today, but now my system is muted. 

1. I have made sure that my system is up to date: sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get upgrade.

2. I issued the commands: sudo apt-get build-dep gnome-orca and sudo apt-get install subversion gnome-common automake1.9 with no troubles except for a warning that some packages were not authenticated and it asked me if if I want to install them anyway, so I answered yes.

3. I then grabbed the latest sources from orca, svn co orca, it was revision 3720.

4. I then changed to the orca directory, cd orca, and did a sudo ./autogen here it did its thing, but warned me that I passed no arguments to is this still true? I remember in the passed we used to pass the location of orca in /usr/lib or so. 

5. I then did a make and then sudo make install which went fine.

but now orca is silent. I repooted and then went to run and typed orca, nothing happens, not even a warning. same if I run orca from the terminal. what can I do?

All the best,
Mohammed al-shar'
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