all right, who broke it (sound in hardy)

Guy Schlosser guyster at
Mon Mar 10 16:18:53 GMT 2008

Hey all, anyone else have any sound problems after yesterday's 
updates?  I downloaded updates for Hardy last night, and when I 
rebooted, I have no sound at all (system or other).  I tried 
reloading orca, having a sighted person locate and try to play an 
mp3, and also loading a video game (asteroids) which I know has loads 
of sound.  Other weird thing, on my desktop, the volume control shows 
up, and shows everything at max levels.  On my laptop, which has the 
same updates, there is an X over the volume control, with the message 
"no gstreamer plugin or devices".  Any help resolving this, would 
definitely be appreciated.

Thanks much in advance,


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