Installing 8.04 question:

Doug Lawlor doug at
Wed Jun 18 08:06:20 BST 2008

Hello all:
I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.04 on a Dell Inspiron 700M and am 
presented with the following problem.
I place the cd into the drive, press enter for English at the language 
prompt, press down arrow once to get to the install menu, press f5 then 
3 for the screenreader profile, and then press enter twice to boot the 
CD. The CD seems to boot to the installer and no speech is heard. I then 
restart the system, Press Enter at the language prompt for English, 
press f5, 3, enter, and enter again to boot into live cd mode. The cd 
boots and the login music is played and after the cd stopps working Orca 
does not start. I press alt+f2 and type "orca" and orca starts up and 
places me in the preferences dialog. I press the ok butten to get out of 
this and control+alt+d to get to the desktop pain. I look at the 
properties of the installer icon to varify that ubiquity is still used 
as the installer, exit this dialog and press "alt+f2", type 
"gnome-terminal" to bring up a terminal window and then enter the 
following commands.
"sudo su"
A # is displayed at the end of the prompt to verify I am in the root 
I then type Insert+q and select the quit option to quit orca.
I then type "orca --no-setup --disable main-window&". The "Welcome to 
orca" message is heard.
I then type "ubiquity" and press enter. The cd responds and is working 
which indicates that ubiquity is loading but no speech is heard from orca.
The same cd works as advertised on an Aopen white box system. Place the 
cd in the drive, Press no keys, cd boots and the login music plays. 
Place the cd in the drive, press enter at the language prompt for 
english, press f5, 3, enter, enter to boot the screen reader profile. 
The login music is played and orca starts speaking. Place the cd in the 
drive, Press enter for english at the language prompt, press down arrow 
for the installer menu, press f5, 3, enter and enter to boot the screen 
reader profile and the installer starts talking.
Can anyone give me an idea why the cd is not talking during the install 
on the 700M either from the install menu or doing the sudo su, orca 
--no-setup --disable main window& hack from a terminal window?I should 
mention that 7.04 works fine, Orca comes up talking when booted with the 
screen reader profile, and the sudo su orca --no-setup --disable 
main-window& hack works as well. With the 7.10 cd it is necessary to 
type "orca" in the run box when the cd is booted into the screen reader 
profile. Running a terminal and the commands to launch the ubiquity 
installer also work.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help.


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