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>How are you able to navigate ithrough a document with down arrow? When I am
on plain text view, orca doesn't only read >the plain text portion, but also
some hexadecimal portion, so it's difficult to locate certain line. 

You have to jump to the text view, using tab. Then, press down-page key.
When you set at end of document, you can go back using up arrow key. You
must to have patiente.
When you are on a line with title command, you can use left or right arrow
keys. Orca says the character where you are. When you are on a space
character you can press tab key to jump hexadecimal view. Press 0, right
arrow and 7 to type 07 hexadecimal character.
Press control+x to save and exit

I know hexedit is not easyest editor but I think hexedit is easyer than vi
or vim

	Jonathan Chacón

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