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How are you able to navigate ithrough a document with down arrow? When I am 
on plain text view, orca doesn't only read the plain text portion, but also 
some hexadecimal portion, so it's difficult to locate certain line. Or do 
you use the search facility?


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>Good evening,


>I am blind and running a dual-boot of Ubuntu and Windows.  I would like to
find a way to make the grub menu beep when it >is loaded.  I understand that
this can be done by adding control-g at the beginning of one of the menu

>However, I can't seem to produce the control-g code in either vi or vim
through gnome-terminal.  Any suggestions?

You have to add the hexadecimal character 07 using a hexadecimal editor.
You can use hexedit in Ubuntu:

$ sudo aptitude install hexedit

Hexedit is an easy editor with 2 views. First view is for plain text. The
second one is for hexadecimal version.
You can jump between views using tab key.

You have to set the cursor on a space character in a line with the command
Title. For example:

Title     Microsoft Windows XP

You can set the cursor between Windows and XP.

Next, press tab key to jump to hexadecimal view and type 07. Note, you have
to type 0, right arrow and 7 because insert text mode is deactivated by

When you had made the changes. Save the file pressing control+X

Jonathan Chacón

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