Sticky keys - now work for me with this 'solution'

David Ryder davaweb at
Thu Jun 5 03:56:07 BST 2008


For those who are having trouble with the system turning off sticky-keys
if two keys are pressed or if a modifier key is pressed with another
key, I found a setting in Configuration Editor which has stopped that
misbehaviour - for me. So, in case it helps others:

In Assistive Technologies Preferences > Keyboard Accessibility >
Accessibility tab, I have always set:
1. Simulate simultaneous keypress - ticked
2. Disable sticky keys if two keys are pressed - never ticked
Notifications: General:
3. Beep when accessibility features are turned on or off - ticked
4. Beep when toggle key is pressed - ticked
Sticky Keys:
5. Beep when a modifier key is pressed - ticked

However, despite 2. above, I found 100% of the time pressing a modifier
key and another key undid my settings. Very annoying with a trembling

Then I looked in Configuration Editor > desktop >gnome > accesibility >

I noticed that 'stickykeys_two_key_off' was still ticked which did not
seem logical given my choices. So I unselected it and since then have
not had a problem.

Hope this helps - sorry, I don't know a CLI way of doing it.


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