Announcing Ubuntu accessibility repository.

Doug Lawlor doug at
Wed Jul 16 16:32:55 BST 2008

Hi Luke:

Thanks very much for setting up the repository! I was thinking of trying 
something like this myself to make Orca-svn available in the deb format.

Again, thanks very much for this.


Luke Yelavich wrote:
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> Hi all
> I'm proud to announce a repository of packages for Ubuntu, containing various accessibility related packages for use with ubuntu hardy. These packages are backports of newer versions that are currently in Ubuntu Intrepid, which is the current development release, and will be released in October.
> The packages you will currently find in this repository are the following:
> * accerciser
> * atk
> * at-spi
> * brltty
> * espeak
> * gail
> * gnome-orca-devel (Development releases of Orca for gnome 2.23)
> * gnome-orca-stable (Stable releases of orca for gnome 2.22)
> * gnome-orca-svn (Currently not yet up to date with the latest svn code. This shall be addressed shortly)
> * gnome-speech
> Speech-dispatcher 0.6.7rc1 packages should be available in the coming days.
> A note about the orca packages. You can only have one installed at a time. This is because it is quite difficult to have more than one version of orca on the system at any one time, however it does allow you to easily switch from one to the other to the other. So for example, if you use gnome-orca-svn, and have problems, you can install gnome-orca-devel, and gnome-orca-svn will be removed. If you then have a problem with gnome-orca-devel, you can install gnome-orca-stable, and gnome-orca-devel will be removed. Same with going the other direction, gnome-orca-stable to gnome-orca-svn for example.
> The gnome-speech and espeak packages have also had things changed somewhat to work with pulseaudio differently. As of espeak 1.37, the espeak build process and source code has support for using pulseaudio as a backend, as well as portaudio. When attempting to use gnome-speech with espeak, if you are running pulseaudio, the pulseaudio backend of espeak will be used. if you are not running pulseaudio, espeak will work via portaudio as normal. I've set things up this way to get some user testing with the espeak pulseaudio backend. if tests prove favourable, I will look at making this the default for Ubuntu Intrepid. Note that this has no affect on using other speech synthesizers with gnome-speech.
> to access the repository, add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list.
> deb hardy main
> Please note that you will be asked if you want to install these packages from an unauthenticated repository, so you will have to say yes twice when installing using apt-get on the command-line for example.
> if you have any problems with these packages including installing, upgrading, removing etc, please let me know so I can fix things up as soon as possible.
> I hope you will find these packages useful.
> Luke Yelavich
> Ubuntu Accessibility Developer
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> =q8FL

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