why using graphics mode for a11y?

Nuno Donato nuno at serra-ti.com
Fri Dec 26 10:36:06 GMT 2008

Hello everyone

I sent this email for a specific person, but would also like to get your opinions.

I'm currently working in a computer company, and I would like to start
helping in the development of accessible solutions for free software users.

I am a new comer in this area, so I would like to make you a simple
What is the advantage of using something so complicated as a graphical
user interface, instead of using a text-only alternative? To better
understand the goods and bads of orca, I tried to simulate its use by
closing my eyes and trying to do tasks in my desktop. Of course it takes
time for anybody to get used to it... but still, I don't get it very well.

The graphical interface is interesting and can speed the use of the
computer. But in case of blind people I feel it slows down even more as
we have to create a mental image of the interface.

I know linux has good accessiblity support since years in its text mode
Wondering if you ever tried it, or what you think about it.

take care

Nuno Donato

Serra - Tecnologias de Informação
geral at serra-ti.com
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