[orca-list] Run Vibuntu on USB with persistant storage!

Isaac Porat isaac at porat.me.uk
Thu Dec 18 19:29:44 GMT 2008

I fully agree with Ignasi.
I have two perspectives on this as a blind user and as a developer.

As a user (newbie) all was said before - configuration out of the box will
save a lot of hassle letting people learn or use the system straight out of
the box rather than being involved in lots of unnecessary preparations, I
have the patience and perhaps some  skill to persevere  others will give up
- my interest in Ubuntu is for the masses of typical users.

As a developer who is considering porting free software for the blind
community into Ubuntu I was horrified when I discovered how much a newbie
needs to do to get the system to work properly; it is all there because of
effort of so many people (thank you) but not yet integrated.
I don't mind giving support for my software but just don't have the time or
wish to support problems of just getting the speech to work properly.
In my case unless speech-dispatcher is ready to go (perhaps with a single
flag) I will be just wasting my time.

If the Main distribution will do that in the future well and good but my
guess is that it will take (if at all) a long time (I have not seen much
participation in this list from the Ubuntu team either - what a difference
from the Orca mailing list).

So Tony your Vibuntu project has all my support and if sometimes I get a
message from you or others I don't like to read pressing the Delete key is
not too much of an effort.

Keep up the good work.
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I agree with Ignasi Cambra's comment.  I am only subscribed to the ubuntu
accessibility list with the purpose of keeping up with linux development
without getting all the extra email.

Justin Harford 

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