Vibuntu Cross-Postings!

Anthony Sales tony.sales at
Thu Dec 18 19:03:57 GMT 2008

Obviously there are mixed feelings about cross-posting, and I did probably
post too many updates in the first week or two, although there were a series
of rapid developments/improvements with each release. In the near future I
will be setting up a separate mailing list for those who want regular updates
etc., but I will still post major release announcements and/or significant
news on any mailing lists which I think are relevant. This would include the
Gnome, Orca and Ubuntu lists which attract slightly different audiences and
any other mailing lists or forums I see as being part of our target audience.
It seems obvious that while there are some people who subscribe to multiple
mailing lists there are others who only subscribe to one or two. There are
unlikely to be any significant announcements until the next release in
January/February next year! Have a good Christmas.

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