[orca-list] Cross-posring (was: Run Vibuntu on USB with persistant storage!)

Tomas Cerha cerha at brailcom.org
Thu Dec 18 10:56:38 GMT 2008

Hello Ignasi,

there is no question about usefulness of Vibuntu.  I like the project
and I wish it a good success.  There simply are plenty of reasons why
cross posting is a bad practice.  Please, read about netiquette.  Just
google cross posting and you will understand.  This is no hostility or
grumpiness against Vibuntu or Anthony in person.  We are just kindly
asking people to stick to certain widely agreed rules.

Please, the next one to answer this thread, send the reply to Ubuntu
Accessibility mailing list only.  Those, who are interested in this
debate, please subscribe to this list.  I already tried once to turn
this into a personal discussion, but it got cross-posted again.

Believe me or not, I am quite young and friendly :-)

Best regards, Tomas.

Ignasi Cambra wrote:
> Honnestly I don't understand: if people don't want to read about
> Vibuntu, just delete any messages with Vibuntu on the subject line. It
> just seems natural that if someone is starting a project which might be
> of interest for some of us, he posts information about it on the mailing
> lists where he thinks people are going to read about it. Come on, this
> is not any kind of spam, and I don't see any bad intentions behind it.
> So as long as there aren't thousands of Vibuntu information messages
> every day, why do we have to argue about it? If Anthony posts this
> information on one of the lists only, people who are on an other list
> and might be interested won't get it. I know this sounds stupid and
> obvious, but not everyone is subscribed to three, four or five mailing
> lists. Even from the point of view of an extremely experienced user, I
> wouldn't be able to understand why we need to hate Vibuntu so much. In
> the end it's an unaltered version of Ubuntu which incorporates some of
> the changes that we all do to a new Ubuntu install before using it. And
> wether I am very skilled or not, I preffer to disable the authomatic
> login in Vibuntu than to configure Orca to read all those apps etc etc.
> And if Anthony finally gets Vibuntu to ship with Alsa instead of
> PulseAudio, and Speech-Dispatcher, why would I waste my time in
> configuring it if there is a distribution that ships with it? I think we
> can all help Vibuntu to be whatever we need it to be, and I think it can
> be pretty useful to anyone.
> Just my opinion, as always... I find this comunity is really great, but
> sometimes it seems like we just can't get over the fact that some of us
> know more about Linux than others, and have different needs than others
> etc.

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