Microsofts speech engines in Ubuntu

Thomas Lloyd thomaslloyd at
Tue Dec 16 20:52:14 GMT 2008

Hi All

Just checking in again to give a small progress report and let you know
what is going on or not as the case might be. I have managed to get the
whole system working, identify the bugs in wine and have workable

At the moment the command line interface is about 50% done the server is
about 25% finished. The text to speech engines can now be installed
without user interaction. I have not started on speech dispatcher driver
yet and any people that can lend a hand would be great. I want to get
the server client working first them integrate it into SD. Anyone
interested in testing the first few releases of the system would be very
welcome. If you are interested in doing some testing then get in contact
and i will put together an installer and test programs. 

Hope you all have a nice Christmas and New Years


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