Accessible Linux Wish List

Andre Nuno Soares ans at
Thu Dec 11 21:49:34 GMT 2008

Hi all,

On the subject of Vibuntu and Peter Fork's "thread", here is what I
found missing in Ubuntu 8.10:

1. orbitrc / sudoers "Hack" for sysadmin tools to work with Orca, as
recommended in

2. Console Mode TTS, like Speakup or UASR for when things go wrong. It
has to support the startup messages and the recovery menu that Ubuntu
presents you when you select a recovery kernel in GRUB.

3. A talking GRUB or any other accessible Boot Loader

4. ORCA shortcut key to speak the current time (the clock in the top
panel needs too many key strokes).

5. ORCA shortcut key to access a special menu to change the spoken
language (Person option in ORCA preferences). I, for one, browse the Net
and exchange mails in english, portuguese and spanish.

6. When creating a new user (with the graphical tool, for instance)
defining what accessibility aids should be actovated at logon.

There are others, but they're more issues of personal taste.

A distro that would give me all this out of the box would own my Tuxedo
soul :-)

PS: as I'm nearly blind, I've concentrated my mail on V.I.

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