Speech-dispatcher as a service?

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmiel at phil.muni.cz
Thu Dec 4 15:30:59 GMT 2008

Blindubuntu even contained yasr screen reader connected to a Speech 
dispatcher and festival Czech database, so users can use yasr for reading 
texts displaied in console.

Speakup can be added to The installed system too. And braille displays are 
automatically detected like Ubuntu feisty and Gutsi Gibbon.

I would like to thank MR Hanke, that he published this message, because MR 
Sukany is very clever linux administrator, his knowledge of Linux operating 
system is ammazing, he is even publishing articles in The Czech magazine 
Linux Express. I think, that this man could cooperate with core developers 
of Ubuntu to make accessibility features in The box.

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