Speech-dispatcher as a service?

Hynek Hanke hanke at brailcom.org
Thu Dec 4 14:45:32 GMT 2008

Isaac Porat wrote:
>> I have recently released (in the loosest possible sense of the word) a 
>> customised version of Ubuntu called Vibuntu (or Vinux - can't decide!) 
>> which is aimed at visually impaired users. It is still very early 
>> days, but I decided to make it available straight-away so that I could 
>> collect feedback, suggestions and advice from interested parties 
>> rather than keep it hidden away until it is finished (alledgedly).
> Then I invite you to let me know what you are changing in your version of
> Ubuntu, so we can include it in the main Ubuntu release. 

Luke, Isaac,

a clone of Ubuntu which is perfectly tuned for use with
assistive tools for visually impaired users already exists.
It's called Blind Ubuntu and contains Orca, Speech Dispatcher,
Yasr, Brltty, speechd-el, espeak, Festival and other tools
all configured to work together straight out of the box.
So it also solves the audio problems etc.

Another good thing is that apart from installing it as
a separate system, there is a repository and a package, that
you can just install and use in the ordinary Ubuntu
and it works great!

One problem is that it is currently setup by default for the
Czech language and also documentation is in Czech,
but we in Brailcom Speak Czech so we can be
helpful to make the bridge. All the components themselves
are international, so what is needed is only slight configuration

I know the author Martin Sukany and he would very much
like his work to be included in Ubuntu.

So would it make sense to start from this, which is already
ready and being successfully used here in Czech Republic,
with the help of you Luke and Isaac bring it up to Ubuntu
standards and solve the remaining issues and then put
these packages into official Ubuntu repositories (at least
universe, contrib or something)?

Because that would be a huge step forward. People have
great difficulties putting all these things together, so although
we have good software, it is not really useful to the users
as it is now. Especially since the default audio is currently
all broken on Intrepid with regards to accessibility. These
meta packages have a power to solve these things in an easy
way without really comming into any conflict with anything.

Luke, should we perhaps have a discussion about this
on Ubuntu Accessibility IRC or on Jabber?

With regards,
Hynek Hanke

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