In Ubuntu Hardy Beta release, my orca lose speech not constant time

Hammer Attila hammera at
Fri Apr 4 06:36:23 BST 2008

Dear list!

I have a very interesting problem. I use long time for Ubuntu Hardy release.
If I work the system, various time my Orca lose speech. It is true for
Orca-2.22.0 (originaly part with Ubuntu Hardy) version, Orca-2.22.1-pre
version, and Orca svn trunk version.
I make a brief debug.out file. I working hungarian translation of
gnome2-accessibility-guide because I would like the hungarian blind
users have know using Orca screen reader with hungarian help with yelp
workaround publicated with Orca homepage. Yesterday, I worked this 
translation, and Orca lose
speech after sayed this string: msgid "First, setup your build 
environment to
build BrlTTY. Much of this setup is done for you automatically in the
Ubuntu..." Not qvote the full string.
I see with debug.out file, Orca not crash, because after the speech
loss, see another keystrokes and strings when I doing. (save the
document, exit with gedit, cd ~, cp ~/debug.out etc).

Have any ydea I triing?
I filled bugreport with launchpad, the bug number is 208189.
Now I modify this bugreport, and attach the debug.out file.

Not one computer present this bug, my clevo notebook present same problem.

Now, I using orca svn trunk release. I used originaly espeak 1.36.02
version with part of Ubuntu hardy, but yesterday, I tryed latest test 
release with Espeak, but not fix this problem.
Have anybody see this problem?



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