Orca quitting.

Herzog herzog at frontiernet.net
Tue Sep 25 02:26:14 BST 2007

Hi, re: 

I am interested in version 7.10 that is currently still in development
> and that is supposed to be released on October 18. Upon testing the live
> CD of September 21, I noticed that my BrlTTY Braille display was
> recognized but that the screen reader Orca could not be started. My
> brother deleted a panel applet as this caused an error. Then, I pressed
> Alt+F2 and entered orca. Nothing happened. Neither was I able to
> retrieve the Orca version via the console (Strg+Alt+F1) with the command
> "orca --version". I did not receive an output and the input prompt of
> the shell was not displayed either.
I am sighted, so you may need a sighted-friend (We have our usefulnesses) to try this, but:  I had a similar problem after installing a extra voice to ORCA, in that all quit, including the ALT+F2; and anything to do with ORCA.
I then had nothing to loose, so went to the Applications, add/remove and found ORCA, unchecked to remove it.
Then I rebooted, and again checked it to reinstall it.
Upon rebooting it then worked, and in the System Preferances Accessibility assistive properties there was nothing new, but in the box on the desktop for  Orca screenreader preferances I got to a speech tab that now included  IBM Viavoice Gnome speech driver as the speech synthesizer.  Wil Herzog

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