The latest live CD

Christian christian08 at
Fri Sep 14 22:31:09 BST 2007

Hi Robert,
Many thanks for your message.
OK, then I will wait a little to download the new release. My programming skills are not that good but i wish that I could contribute as well.
All the best,

On 2007-09-14 at 13:50 Robert Cole wrote:

>Christian wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I havent followed the messages on the list, but is it worth downloading
>the latest CD of Gutsi? Will Orca work on it?
>> many thanks,
>> Christian
>I tried the September 11, 2007 daily build, but Orca still did not work
>for me.  I would download the latest build to test it, but my current
>download speed is a bit I would rather just wait to see if ti
>is up and running before downloading another ISO.  Hopefully everything
>is going alright.  I wish I had more programming experience so I could
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