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Jon j.orcauser at
Sat Sep 8 23:20:12 BST 2007

Dear Benjamin,

Thankyou for addressing this issue, all over the web there are sites 
that require people to "look at the picture" and as a blind person far 
from home (at uni) it can be difficult to create accounts/whatever the 
issue was. (sometimes they have it for resetting passwords etc)

You mensioned the "nospam" pluggin, it sounds excellent, the OLPC wiki 
has a system where it asks mathematical questions and if the answer is 
correct the wiki changed are accepted. I do not know if they are using 
the "nospam" pluggin or something else.

questions such as:
99 minus 7
1 add 20
2 + 4
and as a blind user it was simply delightful to work with.

Thanks again for addressing this issue



On Sat 08/09/2007 at 12:39:05, Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis wrote:
> Just for your information, I've started a topic on Ubuntu Forums to 
> discuss better ways of prevented automated signups than the image-only 
> CAPTCHA they're currently using:
> If you are registered or can get someone to register for you, it's best 
> to respond in the thread on the Forums themselves. Otherwise, feel free 
> to respond here and if your responses contain new information I'll add 
> them to the thread there.
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> Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis
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