problem with orca+magnifier under Gutsy

Willie Walker William.Walker at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 26 20:35:00 BST 2007


> The problem is that sighted persons who sometimes totally ignore anything 
> about magnifying+orca so when demonstrating it, they simply get into panic 
> and they had to restart gnome brutally with ctrl+alt+backspace.

The demographic this request is catering to is a small percentage of 
users: the ignorant demoer with good intentions.  I'll admit we should 
try to make things nicer for them, though.

I think I need to better understand how the user got into this 
situation.  How did the person enable magnification?  What button did 
they press or checkbox did they check or command did they run?

> Does you see the stop or exit button or something like that when the
> magnifier is active ?

Well....Alt+F4 is out of the question.  That's for killing windows with 
focus.  I suppose we could make up a new command, but we already have 
one -- Insert+Space to bring up the Orca Preferences dialog.  If the 
user knows that, they already know a bit about Orca, though.

The Orca main window typically appears by default and the user usually 
has to go out of their way to disable it.  So, I guess I need to know 
more about what the user did to start Orca+magnifier and what, if any, 
windows appears on the desktop.


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