problem with orca+magnifier under Gutsy

YP yellow.penguin at
Fri Oct 26 20:24:42 BST 2007

On Fri, Oct 26, 2007 at 02:42:56PM -0400, Willie Walker wrote:
> Hi:
> Alt+F4 means to close/kill the currently focused window.  The magnifier 
> really isn't a window that gets focus, so pressing Alt+F4 will kill the 
> window that has focus (e.g., your e-mail application, like I just did 
> when I couldn't remember what Alt+F4 did).
> Killing the magnifier is similar to killing speech: you need to exit 
> Orca or tell Orca to stop magnifying the window.
The problem is that sighted persons who sometimes totally ignore anything 
about magnifying+orca so when demonstrating it, they simply get into panic 
and they had to restart gnome brutally with ctrl+alt+backspace.

I'm ignoring myself how to stop the magnifier/orca, so my wife also did that
error and she wasn't able to stop it, except by opening a console and doing
a sudo reboot

Isn't there any simple way of resolving this problem so that people doesn't
have to search for how to stop the thing after they just demonstrate it with
good intensions of course ?

Does you see the stop or exit button or something like that when the
magnifier is active ?

Y P 

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