problem with orca+magnifier under Gutsy

Labrador labrad0r at
Fri Oct 26 18:06:30 BST 2007


I saw wednsday a demo of the latest Ubuntu Gutsy distro.
Some blind person in the room asked to demonstrate the Accessibility part,
and the guy did it;

but just like at home where my wife uses Feisty it was impossible to stop
the magnifyer with ALT+F4 or so,

so the demonstrator had to restart Gnome:

is this a hidden feature ? or is this a bug ? and so, if yes, it would be
very nice to fix this or to resolve this problem in a simple and intuitive
way (why not using ALT+F4) to close magnification.
Anyway the problem was still present while already present under Feisty, the
previous Ubuntu.


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